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Crestron Automation Is Our Specialty

Smart Homes

You've probably seen it in a movie: the home that greets you when you get home, turning on the lights, setting the appropriate temperature, and putting on the music that you want to hear. You can make this warm welcome a realty through home automation. Nearly every component of your home can be automated, creating an environment that fits your needs—even if they change regularly.

Home Automation

Crestron is the world leader in home-automation solutions, and Custom Connections is the premier certified dealer in Southern California. We can set up your home to respond to your needs at the touch of a button. Control lighting, temperature, music, and security systems from conveniently located screens throughout your home or even while you're away on your smartphone or tablet.

Crestron Prodigy Systems

Through central controllers and smart interfaces, everything in your home can be controlled at the tough of a button. Custom Connections can integrate any component into your system, whether you're starting from scratch or adding new devices. As a preferred dealer of Crestron Prodigy SystemsCrestron Prodigy Systems, we can sell and install your system, keeping in mind your budget and long-term goals.