Lutron Shading Solutions

Automate Your Light

Control the Sun

We wake and sleep with the sun; it sets our circadian rhythm. Natural lighting plays a part in our mood and how we see the world. With Lutron shading solutions , you can control the sun automatically. All the way up, completely closed, or somewhere in the middle; you set the tone and determine how much light to let in.

Shading Choices

No matter what your interior design, Lutron has an option for you. Choose your style and fabric from a variety of luxury options. Lutron even offers a recycled material to let your "green" come through. As a certified dealer, Custom Connections then installs your shades and creates your automated system so they all work together in exactly the way you need them to. Fabric Choices .

Energy Saving

The majority of heat in your home either comes through or escapes from your windows. With automated shading solutions from Lutron, you'll cut down on energy costs by controlling the sunlight coming into your home. Make your home beautiful and energy efficient with one call to Custom Connections.